About Us

Our Story:

Nice to meet you!  We’re Renegade
Recovery Gear! We are owned and operated by addicts in recovery. Our
owner has been an active member of the Narcotics Anonymous community in
Sacramento, CA for over 13 years.  We live our values based on the
spiritual principles we learned through working the 12 steps. 

Our Name:

Our brand name was carefully thought
out and helps describe our mission and beliefs.  A renegade is “a person
who turns their back on an organization, country, or set of
principles”. Recovery is defined as “an active change in our ideas
and attitudes." Gear has multiple meanings-First, it’s the equipment we
need for a sport or event. A gear is also ”a wheel with teeth that
interlocks with another gear to transmit motion in a machine”.

We believe in turning our backs on
the life we used to live and our old way of thinking so that we can
recover from a hopeless state of mind and body, so, we equip ourselves
to function together in community with other addicts to move all of us
forward.  We want addicts to wear their recovery proudly, to attract
others to the program, and remove the stigma often placed on addiction.

Our Mission:

We are fighting to put an end to
generational traumas and the maladaptive coping skills that society has
normalized.  As we know, the disease of addiction is not limited to
substances. One of our goals is to create merchandise for all people in
recovery. Whether you struggle with addiction, mental health,
disabilities or anything else, we aim to make products that represent
your growth and healing journey. We strive to make products that inspire
and promote positivity and ultimately, unite the recovery communities. 

Our Contribution:

We believe that as  long as there is still breath in an addict’s  lungs
there is still hope. Because of this, we donate 30% of all profits to
local Narcotics Anonymous areas so that they can purchase materials,
books, and anything else they may need to spread the message of hope and
the promise of freedom. In the future, we hope to have the opportunity
to donate to other recovery based communities as well.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you at one of our events in the future. Just for today, we DO recover!!